• E-Learning education is an institution that has been formed after merging two organizations, Gyananda Korean Bhasa and Connecting World Education.
  • E-Learning education is an all-in-one place for all kinds of educational services ranging from normal tuition classes to language classes and Lok Sewa preparation.
  • We have language classes for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Hibru language taught by experts with years of experience in this field.
  •  We provide a variety of packages for studying ranging from physical classes to virtual classes giving students options to choose from. You can also choose a feasible time to study from the different packages.
  • We have test exams, live classes, recorded classes, and online exams which include free educational materials included in the package.
  • The combined manpower of the two organizations has helped in creating more ideas and better management.
  • We provide accessible and quality education all over Nepal that is affordable to everyone. 
  • Our main offices are located at Chabahil and Bagbaazar so you can come to our office for further queries or contact us at info@ekakshyaa.com or 9851096432.